Finland's Post Office and BookIT to work together

Two-way mobile technology will be used in resource and venue booking operations


Suomen Posti Oyj and BookIT Oy have made an agreement by which the Post Office''s Logistics department will use technologies created by BookIT to develop and extend the services it provides. The first result of the cooperation will be a resource and venue booking service offered to business centres and large companies, which will include ordering of catering services and booking of meeting facilities. A search engine-based calendar system will make it possible for people in separate companies to organise meetings electronically, via either mobile phones or the internet.


"The service can be extended according to each client''s needs to include a wide selection of other logistics services offered by the Post Office, such as purchases and procurement, stock management and the relevant invoicing procedures," explains Taina Ilkka, CRM Manager at the Post Office''s Logistics department.


The technologies patented by BookIT focus on the efficient combination of mobile phones and the internet, independently of the users'' mobile phone operators. Their services include a two-way SMS dialogue, through which clients are able to select services on their mobile phones via easy-to-use menus. BookIT has designed its systems specifically to meet the resource management needs of personnel who travel a lot.


"The text message dialogue patented by us creates a challenge for the new mobile technologies, such as WAP and GPRS, launched by the phone manufacturers. The appearance on the market of the new broadband technologies has largely been disappointing, as the services offered by them have not been able to meet the expectations they created. Our services work on traditional mobile phones and on the traditional mobile networks, without extra investments in additional accessories. Those who wish to use the service will find it significant that there are already around four million mobile phone handsets in Finland that are compatible with BookIT''s techonology," remarks BookIT Oy''s Chief Executive Officer, Jukka Salonen.


"We found it important that the technology developed by BookIT would make it possible for clients to use two-way mobile services through traditional text messaging, and regardless of the users'' mobile operators. So everyone can use the services already, with their current mobile phones," notes Peter Klenberg, Director of Logistics at the Suomen Posti Oyj.


For further information contact:

Jukka Salonen, CEO, BookIT Oy:

Mobile: +358 400 312 311,

Peter Klenberg, Director, IT Solutions for Logistics, Suomen Posti Oyj:

Mobile: +358 400 456 517,

Taina Ilkka, CRM Manager, IT Solutions for Logistics, Suomen Posti Oyj:

Mobile: +358 408 487 146,


The technologies patented by BookIT Oy focus on the effective combination of mobile phones and the internet, and their most important uses are in time, venue and resource booking services. Other services include event management applications, operations management applications and estate and machine automation applications. The services are based on the internet and on mobile telephony, making it possible to use two-way text message dialogue independently of the users'' phone operators.


Suomen Posti Oyj (Finland Post Corporation) is a leading communications and logistics company in Finland, and it is responsible for the production and facilitation of postal services in the whole country. The Post transports and distributes letters, newspapers, magazines, marketing material and packages. In the last few years the Post Corporation has significantly extended its operations to include electronic communications and company logistics services. The Post offers communications and logistics services to companies, communities and households internationally as well as all over Finland.

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2002