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Sezgin AKTAS

Sep 12, 2003


FORUM NOKIA - Nokia Developer Network Newsletter - Americas




September 9, 2003

Tools and information for the Nokia developer community

In this issue:


1.   Designing Single-Player Mobile Games

2.   BookIT Automates Construction Site Safety Management

3.   GSM WAP Phone Documents Updated

4.   News -- Nokia, Psion Acquire Motorola's Stake in Symbian

5.   Events -- Enterprise Developer Workshop

6.   New on

7.   Developer Resources

8.   Manage Your Account



1.   Designing Single-Player Mobile Games


Good game designers first put themselves in the player's seat and ask: "What player actions make up this game?" Once those actions are  determined, designers can move on to the characters and story. When designing games for mobile devices, it's best to have a short list of actions that will be mapped to single keystrokes.


Another fundamental element of a game is the struggle to win. For single-player games the challenge must come from the game itself. There are typically three types of challenges: physical, such as leaping or shootingat just the right moment; mental challenges, such as puzzles; and combating simulated opponents provided by artificial intelligence.

Few games rely on only one type of challenge.

Action and challenge aren't enough to draw players to a game. Gameplay must provide some level of pleasure as well. Eminent game designer Marc LeBlanc has identified eight categories of pleasure, including discovery, expression, and fantasy.

Beyond game design theory, technical constraints determine what developers can accomplish when designing games for the real world of mobile devices. Some of these constraints are application size, memory utilization, and screen size and format.

Read "Designing Single-Player Mobile Games",3g4a,alq,3a78,bjyf,invn,ect



2.   BookIT Automates Construction Site Safety Management



When Skanska Oy, a Finland-based multibillion-dollar construction services company, decided to automate its construction site safety management process, it turned to BookIT Oy, a Finnish software company with a long history in mobile phone applications.

Together, Skanska and BookIT analyzed Skanska's needs and requirements, then BookIT created an application with a field interface that runs on any WAP- and Short Message Service (SMS)-capable Nokia handset. The application automates data collection, sends problem notifications to the appropriate people, collects information during the problem-solving process, receives confirmation when the faults are fixed, and providesanalysis and reports. BookIT used its in-house development platform, BookIT Resource Management (BRM), as well as the company's  Dynamic Dialogue Matrix (DDM) Java(TM) application server. The product's mobile user interface is easy to use and requires almost no instruction. The main and site offices use a simple Web  browser interface.

BookIT's solution for this business process resolves the complex coordination issues presented, including ensuring the timely notification of problems and resolutions, the ability to communicate with remote locations,and the back-office reporting and management support.

Skanska plans to deploy the application to all of its construction sites, and even intends to promote the application to other contracting companies for the benefit of the whole construction industry.

Read the case study, which includes more technical detail,3g4a,alq,5kk4,8vv4,invn,ect


Friday, Sep 12, 2003