(ELIS.HEX) A new camera mobile phone application for construction sites: BookIT provides a camera mobile phone application for Skanska in cooperation with Nokia and Radiolinja


BookIT Ltd, a company specialised in mobile phone applications, is providing yet another mobile application for Skanska. Nokia and Radiolinja from Elisa Corporation also participate in this project. The DDM technology-based site applications of BookIT Ltd have been used in the production in Skanska's sites for over 12 months, and user experiences have been promising.


Vice President Tuomas Särkilahti at Skanska says that work supervision and subcontractors have adopted well this work safety application, which functions on a mobile phone and is easy to use. "Using the system has produced clear benefits because mobile handsets facilitate immediate relaying of observations made in safety issues to the parties in charge, and required acknowledgements are received fast.


According to Skanska's IT Director Aila Vuoria, substantial benefits and cost savings are achieved in the construction industry by bringing information systems to sites as user friendly 'acknowledgement' applications, which also enable the storing of multimedia material and, most importantly, its distribution both to the parties of the respective network and interest groups. The mobile phone application unveiled today also offers its users an easy and efficient feature for handling image material. This is a vast improvement because pictures are very important, as evidence for example, in different stages and processes of constructing.


Radiolinja also participates in this new development project to implement a mobile phone application, which is based on BookIT Ltd's DDM technology and utilises MMS messages, to Skanska's sites. "In our opinion, companies expect these kinds of services from their operator. We want to be a trailblazer in evolving and implementing

applications designed for corporate use," says Product Director Timo Rajala at Elisa's Products unit.


In business applications, BookIT Ltd is a partner of Forum Nokia, Nokia's development platform.


"Nokia's view is that mobile phones and new different services enabled by mobile handsets form an integral part of people's everyday lives. This comprehensive and user-friendly application solution created by BookIT is a splendid example of how mobile phones can be utilised in such important areas as work safety," states Senior Director Brad Brockhaug at Forum Nokia.


According to BookIT's CEO Jukka Salonen, valuable experiences have been received from co-projects made for the construction industry. "We have constructed mobile phone applications based on site environments since 1999. We have noticed that the use of applications must be based on an easily accessible user interface on an ordinary handset, via which the user can answer the assignments received and use the menu on a push of a button. The camera mobile phone application BookIT DDM, launched today operates on a one-button principle, and the pictures are immediately accessed by field workers. Bringing in telecom partners facilitates the utilisation of BookIT DDM camera mobile phone applications in other sectors as well."


For further information, please contact:

Mr Kimmo Kankkunen, Product Manager, BookIT Ltd

GSM +358 40 5231111


Mr Jukka Salonen, CEO, BookIT Ltd

GSM +358 400 312311


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Wednesday, Mar 17, 2004