Netfonds: Operators and equipment manufacturers grant awards to encourage the implementation of innovative utility applications for camera phones

Operators and equipment manufacturers grant awards to encourage the implementation of innovative utility applications for camera phones

A camera phone application that enhances occupational safety has been
implemented on Skanska Tekra construction sites. The application has
been received very well, and Skanska employees have come up with new,
innovative ways to use the application and camera phone.  Based on
the DDM text message technology developed by the Espoo-based company
BookIT Ltd, the application enables the delivery of  information
about work assignments to field workers' mobile phones.

BookIT's application is based on the one-key principle: using his/her
mobile phone, the worker can easily confirm receipt of the assignment
as soon as it has been sent and then, after completing the task,
confirm the completion by pressing one key again. If confirmations
are not sent within a certain time, the application sends
bidirectional text message reminders.

On construction sites, BookIT's application is used with camera
phones for confirming regular assignments, but the application also
enhances occupational safety. Observations and notifications, as well
as confirmations of completed repair measures, can easily and quickly
be sent to the relevant person with a camera phone. The application
does not require any separate accessories, change of SIM cards or
software installations.

According to Regional Director Ville Saksi, Skanska Tekra chose
BookIT's technology because of its versatility and ease of use.
"Construction workers move around a lot, and projects comprise a lot
of co-operation with a wide network of subcontractors. With BookIT's
technology, confirming assignments with a mobile phone is really
easy, which facilitates network management. The application saves our
time, as a visit to the site can be replaced by a picture message.
Consequently, this improves our cost-efficiency and enhances the
fluency of work. Furthermore, the mobile phone is an ideal terminal
for the construction industry, as all employees and subcontractors
already have one."

Jukka Salonen, CEO of BookIT, says that the application was developed
in co-operation with Skanska: BookIT developed the Mobile Activity

Tracker application for camera phones, and Skanska Tekra employees
provided a substantial number of innovative suggestions for its usage

The occupational safety-enhancing mobile application was a result of
a competition that was concluded today. Nokia and Elisa reward
innovative applications with such prizes as camera phones and
enhancements. "The awarded BookIT DDM application for better
occupational safety appealed to the jury with its ease of use,"
saysTimo Rajala, Service Director from Elisa. "It enhances safety on
sites in that workers can easily photograph inspection targets using
their mobile phones and monitor the progress of repairs by following
the confirmation messages," he continues, explaining the jury's

Matti Parkkinen, General Manager, Nokia, emphasises the importance of
good, practical applications. "Nokia wants to encourage companies
that generate innovative, useful ways of using camera phones - such
as BookIT and Skanska Tekra - to implement new applications, as this
increases the awareness of the various utility purposes for which the
mobile technology and camera phones can be used," he states. "Skanska
Tekra's example from the construction industry and the ease of use of
BookIT's application enable immediate implementation of the new
technology in utility applications."

For further information, please contact:

Jukka Salonen, CEO, BookIT Oy,
Tel. +358 400 312 311

Kimmo Kankkunen, Product Manager, BookIT Ltd
Tel. +358 40 523 1111

Timo Rajala, Service Director, Elisa Corporation,
Tel. +358 50 506 7002

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2004