Intelligent SMS Technology to Boost Rescue Operations Management

Press release

Helsinki Rescue Department piloting a mobile application by Proha for upgrading alert level.

Proha Plc and Helsinki Rescue Department have agreed on a pilot project, in which the upgrading of alert level of the rescue personnel is managed by Intelligent SMS messages. The goal of the project is to secure that the solution developed by Proha Mobile Business Unit can be applied to the Rescue Department’s personnel management process and to the automatic transfer of information arising in this process through intelligent SMS technology.


During the pilot the calls to work overtime are automatized in the Rescue Departments personnel management system, in other words, the alert level is upgraded automatically. The technology architecture is made of Proha’s Mobile Workflow Manager application and the DDM technology by BookIT.


- Rescue operations are mobile by nature, says Anssi Kuusela, head of data administration unit of Helsinki Rescue Department. Consequently it is only natural that also the personnel are called to work using mobile technology. Now that the basic management systems are in good shape we want to apply the best technical solutions also for alerting the personnel. The pilot will work as an integral part of the department’s personnel management system.


- According to the strategy of Helsinki Rescue Department the goal is to be among top rescue departments in the nation. This pilot offers many options to develop the personnel management to meet the requirements of both the work itself and overall strategy, Kuusela adds.

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2005