Digium and BookIT team up enhance customer surveys with Intelligent SMS

Press release May 15th 2006


BookIT Ltd and Digium Ltd, a provider of advanced research solutions and services, team up to provide new world leading research capabilities that reach also people on the move.


Digium and BookIT launched the new solution in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Nokia’s NNFUG customer seminar. With this new solution Digium can now provide its customers efficient research solutions enhanced with Intelligent SMS.


Intelligent SMS allows immediate responses from thousands of customers with the stroke of a single key. Intelligent

SMS response rates have been up to 88 %, which is exceptional compared to the 10-20 % response rates in traditional telephone and internet polls.


The immediate and effective response from the end-users has brought entirely new possibilities for customer surveys and customer data collection.


BookIT and Digium offer their customer satisfaction survey to telecom operators, car industry, and airline companies as well as several other industries.


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Digium-BookIT Press release May 15th 2006


Monday, May 15, 2006