Microsoft Business Solutions along with their Finnish Microsoft Partner, Anvia IT, has started to utilize iSMS® technology to market Microsoft Dynamic CRM software.  iSMS® is a patented invention and technology of Finnish firm BookIT Ltd.

Partnership Director of Microsoft Business Solutions, Teemu Haataja, explains that iSMS technology developed by BookIT fits perfectly with Microsoft’s new marketing strategy in which they offer services over the internet, a strategy Microsoft refers to as “cloud services”.  According to Haataja, iSMS brings substantial improvement to customer communications: “Usually marketing campaigns and loyalty activities attempt to reach customers through traditional channels like direct advertising, emails and telesales. But unfortunately, most of these efforts are ineffective and busy executives cannot be reached by phone. At the turn of the millennium, it was often possible to reach executives within a couple of phone calls, but now even ten or more calls may be insufficient. Furthermore contacting customers via telephone is extremely expensive”.

Microsoft CRM customers receiving iSMS text messages respond very quickly because replying takes only a few seconds.  Customers can respond to a text message by replying with a single letter, from any mobile phone and mobile network operator globally.

According to Haataja, BookIT’s invention ensures that the right person gets the right offer at the right time with an easy option to reply.  BookIT’s iSMS service is now available to any customer using Microsoft CRM to enhance customer service and loyalty programs. For instance, banks can send iSMS confirmation messages after any unusual transaction. With BookIT iSMS technology, the customer is able to confirm a transaction by replying with “C” or deny it by replying with the letter “D”.  In airline operations, iSMS messages help busy passengers to check-in, upgrade, or reschedule conveniently and easily while on the move.  iSMS service solutions can be applied in various customer service communication activities regardless of which sector a company is operating in.  Haataja says that customers and partners of Microsoft have enthusiastically accepted new services enabled

by the intelligent two-way iSMS technology. Haataja continues on to say, that from the perspective of loyal customers, customer service communication is now personalized and conveniently available.

Microsoft partner Anvia has also started to utilize iSMS in marketing 30-day trials of Microsoft Dynamics  CRM. After a free trial of CRMOnline, the service can be activated with a 49€ monthly fee per user. Mr. Leo Höykipuro, CEO of Anvia IT, explains that iSMS messaging is particularly well suited towards marketing cloud services.  Anvia IT emphasizes, that deployment and trial usage of cloud service has to be easy, quick and inexpensive and that the customer must be provided with an easy mechanism for placing an order and making payment. Anvia IT is extremely pleased with the results iSMS has been able to produce in this process.  Trial-to-order response rates have been ten times higher than is achievable through traditional channels and tools.

In addition to marketing campaigns, Anvia IT has also used iSMS to send customer satisfaction surveys.  The high response-rates to these surveys allow Anvia to measure satisfaction in real-time and tackle problems as they appear.

Haataja explains that outstanding results provided by the Finnish invention has also captured the attention of the top management at Microsoft. CEO of BookIT and the inventor of iSMS, Mr. Jukka Salonen confirms, that co-operation between international IT-giant and the Finnish inventor has progressed positively. Salonen admires Microsoft’s ability to locate the newest and best inventions and spread information quickly and efficiently through their vast international organization.

For more information:

Teemu Haataja, Microsoft Business Solutions, GSM +358 40 563 1883

Leo Höykinpuro, Anvia IT,  GSM +358 400 445 596

Jukka Salonen, BookIT Ltd. , GSM +358 400 312 311

Sunday, Aug 15, 2010