Conversational Commerce

Smart messaging, chatbots and customer engagement tools to help people interact with your brand or service.

Conversations Drive Business

Good commerce, the one customers come back to, is a conversation. Consumers talking to services, chatting with brands or booking a time with a bot is the new normal. The customer has the power to choose the when and the where – not you.
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Real-time Contextual Conversations

Bookit technology efficiently combines conversations into commerce.  Every message, every mobile communications touchpoint can be integrated to your customer data, order handling, enterprise resource management, booking system or stand-alone app.

For your business, this creates huge opportunities for improved end-to-end operational efficiency, seamless customer communications and increased upselling or cross-selling.

Less Hassle, More Revenue

For example, Nokian Renkaat streamlined their Vianor brand tire service booking with Bookit. Offering people their choice of time slots with a proactive messaging led to better organized operations and more revenue. You'll find more cases from our customers page.

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