An innovative technology providing mobile push & pull services and interactive dialogues that go well beyond the limitations of traditional SMS

One-click solution for all problems

Bookit’s “One-click response” method keeps everything very simple for end user. It does not require to remember service numbers or identification codes, which can often be the Achilles heel of conventional solutions. iSMS® does this by adding message-specific “fingerprints” to each message that are transparent to networks and enable the technology to be used anywhere text messaging can be used. Messages are delivered as standard SMS messages, and authenticated by iSMS® servers using these fingerprints.


Practical application

BookIT DDM (Dynamic Dialogue Matrix) technology – the heart of iSMS® – enhances the standard SMS infrastructure with a unique Intelligent SMS capability that includes session management and automatic secure authentication to enable easy-touse and secure communications between applications and mobile phones. Application-to-person dialogues and transactions, and asynchronous iSMS® sessions, are managed via industry-standard server platforms and standard Internet protocols. Together with universal SMS connectivity, this enables applications to be deployed very rapidly.

More Magical Moments, Less Overhead

For example, Finnair implemented mobile check-in with a solution developed by Bookit. This improved efficiency and reduced the cost of  customer service per client served, resulting in better customer experience with less overhead. For more cases, check our customers page.

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