Bookit enters into partnership with Smart Mile Solutions B.V
admin - October 31, 2016

BookIT, a Finnish company providing innovative mobile customer engagement and transaction services have made an investment to Smart Mile Solutions, a Dutch venture developing a shared and sustainable City Delivery Platform. Both parties have announced to enter into a strategic partnership. BookIT provided its mobile engagement services to clients like Finnair, Posti Group and PostNord and is looking to expand its customer base across Europe and the USA. Investment to Smart Mile Solution is one step in BookIT’s expansion plan. BookIT have also opened sales offices in several countries in Europe and in USA.

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admin - October 18, 2016

BookIT Finland on suomalainen kasvuyhtiö, jonka mobiilipalveluilla asiakkaat parantavat kuluttajien asiakaskokemusta ja pystyvät tuottamaan kustannustehokkaita asiakasprosesseja ja lisäämään myyntiä.

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Posti kehittää asiakaskokemusta palvelupisteverkostossa – älytekstiviesti on helppo tapa antaa palautetta
admin - June 28, 2016

Postin palvelupisteellä asioiva kuluttaja saattaa saada älyä täynnä olevan tekstiviestin lähetyksen noutamisen jälkeen. Posti selvittää asiakastyytyväisyyttä palvelupistekohtaisesti tekstiviestikyselyllä.

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SMT Introduces Bookit's Intelligent Mobile Payment Method to Travelers
admin - March 18, 2016

SMT is the first travel agency in Finland to introduce a new mobile payment solution called iSMS-pay (intelligent payment).  Passengers can now book services through SMT’s call center agents and then authorize payments remotely with one-click from their mobile phone.  As a result, customers avoid the hassle and risk of reading their credit card numbers aloud over the phone.  

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Key Account Manager
admin - October 16, 2015

BookIT Finland Oy hakee liiketoiminnan kasvaessa Key Account Manageria.

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