Right offer at the right time

The premise of BookIT's mCommerce platform is simple  engage your customers proactively over any mobile device, any network, anywhere. Highly contextual dialogues, triggered automatically at precisely the right time, offer tremendous convenience for customers. Read our testimonials to see how enterprises have cut costs, pre-empted competition, increased retention, generated new revenue from upsells, and delivered exceptional experiences through interactive dialogue.

Mobile Marketing

Bookit's interactive platform and mobile marketing services enable you to engage customers with 'the right offer at the right time'. Customers can accept offers and authorize payment in less than ten seconds.

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Interactive mobile offers result in industry leading response rates

Our mobile marketing solutions fall into three broad categories:

1) Full-Service Campaigns - Bookit's experienced campaign staff works with your marketing team from planning through execution and analysis.  With each campaign we further refine a campaign strategy that will target the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

2) Self-Service Marketing Tools - Many enterprise opt for our self-service marketing automation tools to create, send, analyze, and refine campaigns.  Plug-ins are available for popular CRM systems including Salesforce and Dynamics.  

3) Fully-Automated, Trigger-Based Marketing -  Many of Bookit's enterprise customers eventually look to fully-integrate solutions to existing enterprise applications and back-end systems so that highly targeted and personalized offers can be made in real-time whenever a certain event or set of pre-set conditions occur.  Bookit has a wide variety of API's to facilitate integration with existing platoforms and works closely with your marketing, loyalty, and IT teams to build a rules-engine that will precisely trigger the right offer to the right customer at the right time.



Mobile Payment

BookIT has several mobile payment solutions provided through BookIT’s Payment Cloud:
eMobile (iSMS®)
BookIT Wallet (APE Wallet)

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Mobile Payment from any mobile phone


  • Generate revenue through incremental sales
  • Engage customers with renewals, upgrades, and highly targeted offers
  • Pre-empt competition through interactive, pushed offers
  • Proven to generate higher response rates than any other channel
  • Fast deployment with reach to all your customers (any mobile phone, any OS, any network)


  • RELEVANT: The customer receives the right offer at the right time
  • EASY: The customer can accept an offer and charge to their credit card by replying with a single letter
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: No need to transmit sensitive account data. Payment processed by trusted party.
  • CONVENIENT: Billing goes directly through the credit card, not through the mobile carrier
  • NO EXTRA COST: cost of a standard text message


  • Integrated two-factor authentication
  • Unique Digital fingerprint safeguards against fraud, No PIN required
  • No sensitive payment account data stored or transmitted



Integrated Solutions

3.7 million Finnish consumers have used Bookit's integrated mobile solutions for services such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, scheduling, mobile payments, top-ups & subscription renewals.

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In Finland, tens of million mobile events such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, service time confirmations, mobile ticket deliveries, mobile payments, top-up and subscriptions will be produced using BookIT's iSMS® service in every year. Approximately 3.7 million Finnish consumers have already used these services. 

BookIT's iSMS® platform is integrated into many commonly used commercial systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook, SalesForce and Oracle, Cibel, etc. Through automation of intelligent communications, Bookit's enterprise customers have consistently achieved improved profitability, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Service, Solution

Bookit has implemented a wide variety of custom solutions for mobile communications and mobile transactions which drive profitability and/or cost savings for our enterprise customers.

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Bookit orchestrates enterprise-initiated dialogues in order to engage customers with messaging that is both highly contextual and relevant.  Our platform is used by a diverse range of enterprises across numerous industries to enhance customer interactions from marketing through sales, service delivery, customer service, and support. 

Our platform consistently delivers meaningful customer engagement.  Our focus is on proactive, pushed messages that offer customers actionable response options.  A few examples include:

  • interactive alerts delivered on behalf of Nets (a European payment processor) to engage customers over potentially fraudulent transactions;
  • interactive parcel delivery scheduling for Itella (Parcel Delivery Service) to eliminate missed deliveries;
  • low-balance alerts for pre-paid subscribers of mobile operator, DNA, with options to top-up account balances in real-time

Perhaps you have ideas about how you would like to engage your customers with proactive services?  We can help you with that!