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Complete suite of mCommerce marketing and payment services and solutions to increase sales, cut costs, create positive experience and build loyalty.

BookIT Mediator’s Enterprise Mobile Services from the Cloud. Our solutions help you deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and transact with customers over any mobile device, any network, anywhere.

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About US

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Mobile Marketing

Our unique services enable genuine and personalized 2-way dialogues with all mobile phone users globally.

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BookIT Mobile Marketing works

Our unique services enable genuine and personalized 2-way dialogues with all mobile phone users globally. When this maximum coverage is enhanced with our innovative mobile multichannel solutions, truly effective mobile marketing campaigns are created for both smart and feature phone users.

These interactive mobile multichannel marketing campaigns can create immediate results and sales e.g. from current customer base, through new customer acquisition and activation of passive customers. These results can be achieved by sending personalized messages with multiple offers or answering options and by providing easy one-click reply possibility in communication channel of their liking.

Amazing results with unique campaign concept

With the unique features and functionalities of our mobile solutions, we are able to create versatile mobile marketing concepts and campaigns. These proven concepts can be applied to different industry sectors and uses in both B2C and B2B -marketing. Contact our seasoned mobile marketing professionals to hear how amazing order and answer percentages have been achieved in e.g. renewal, upsell, member-get-member (MGM), coupon, event invitations and customer survey campaigns.

RaaS - Results-as-a-Service or even automatically

BookIT offers mobile marketing also as a full service. With this Results-as-a-Service model our customers can immediately benefit from our vast experience of thousands of campaign executions. After experiencing the results from a several mobile marketing concepts and use cases, a natural continuation can be to automatize this mobile customer communication with our integrated solutions. And when you combine all this with our mobile payment solutions, you don't just get the orders - you get the payments as well.

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Payment Solutions

BookIT has several payment solutions, provided through BookIT’s Payment Cloud:
eMobile (iSMS®)
BookIT Wallet (APE Wallet)

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Works seamlessly on any mobile phone or network, enabling merchants to reach customers with highly personalized offers.  Customers can pay instantly from any credit or debit card, or a BookIT wallet.

The emergence of m-Commerce opens a new frontier in proactive customer services and hyper-targeted marketing. Merchants and consumers both benefit from relevant offers made to the right person at the right time.

With the wide variety of evolving platforms and devices on the market, merchants looking to take advantage of m-Commerce will look towards the only truly ubiquitous technology that works across handset, operator or geography - text messaging. There are over 4.5 billion people using SMS text messaging in the world sending over 6 trillion messages per year.

The challenge is that the SMS standards were not designed to handle secure transactions – there is no session management or authentication and it is highly prone to errors and fraud.  That’s why BookIT began over twelve years ago developing the world’s first authenticated text messaging service built for business transactions (iSMS®). iSMS® has the power to turn the world’s most popular communication channel into a profitable sales engine. By 2015, mobile purchases could account for as much as $119bn1. iSMS® provides an easy and convenient way for any business to access this opportunity and reach existing customers with relevant offers regardless of handset or operator. The customer needs only reply with one letter to accept the offer and pay.


BookIT has two distinct payment solutions and Net's payment gateway, provided through BookIT’s Payment Cloud:

eMobile (iSMS®)

Throughout BookIT eMobile service a variety of routine recurring payments can be transact with mobile payments from all mobile phones and operators quickly and easily. eMobile service brings consumers a new way to purchase services and for merchants smooth way to make more sales.

eMobile service consists BookIT’s produced eMobile iSMS service and Nets eMobile payments service. Together they made for companies the eMobile service package, which allows companies possibility to take card payments with iSMS from consumers, the card holders.

BookIT iSMS® technology-based eMobile -service is designed for companies as a “turn-key” -package, which enables businesses to take mobile payment services for use very quickly, without the need to make changes in their webstores or other services.

Consumer recognition is performed on a cloud service, where all transactions are created their own high-secure “fingerprints”. Information content of messages fall into the wrong hands does not affect the security of the card. Payment and card data is stored and remain stable over time Nets scheme, namely the Nets is responsible for information security.

Introduction will be published later, contact us by email: tom.sandell@bookit.net


BookIT Wallet (APE Wallet)

BookIT’s wallet (APE Wallet, launched 2010) is an easy, fast and secure payment solution. Patented innovation that utilizes the browser’s cookie for automatic authentication and zero-click digital content purchasing for example direct from e-mail. For consumer our wallet provides user friendly and seamless web-browsing experience.

As of 2013, APE is now a part of the BookIT Group. Online and mobile wallets are now combined into a single entity for seamless transactions from any device, whether from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Payments from APE are quick, reliable, and seamless for consumers. Quick and easy payment for customers translates to more sales for merchants. Merchants signing up for the APE wallet service gain instant access to over 100,000 consumers registered with APE accounts, as well as pre-integration to other BookIT mobile services.

Improving conversion of merchants by making shopping easier than ever on multiple sites. Merchants can use APE Wallet as a loyalty tool by giving virtual money to consumers instead of discounts.
BookIT databases with APE Wallet database serves registered consumers that are immediatelly ready-to-buy digital or physical goods from internet. 

Introduction will be published later, contact us by email: tom.sandell@bookit.net


Netaxept, Net’s payment gateway

BookIT has partnership with Nets. Net’s Netaxept is a payment gateway that provides many traditional and modern payment methods as bank payment buttons, credit and debit payments, recurring payments, easy payment, link payments, mobile payments (BookIT) and wallet possibilities (for example BookIT’s Wallet).

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BookIT has also several business concepts and services with payment services:  

Click&Try and Buy
Prepaid Topup


Benefits of using BookIT’s payment solutions:


  • Generate larger revenue and profits through incremental sales
  • Engage customers with renewals, upgrades, and highly targeted offers
  • Pre-empt competition
  • Proven to generate higher response rates than any other channel
  • Natural extension of e-Commerce
  • Instantly deployable with reach to any customer using a mobile phone
  • Low transaction costs


  • RELEVANT: The customer receives the right offer at the right time
  • EASY: The customer can accept an offer and charge to their credit card by replying with a single letter
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: No need to transmit sensitive account data. Payment processed by trusted party.
  • CONVENIENT: Billing goes directly through the credit card, not through the mobile carrier
  • NO EXTRA COST: cost of a standard text message


  • Integrated two-factor authentication
  • Unique Digital fingerprint safeguards against fraud, No PIN required
  • Offer valid only to intended recipient



Integrated Solutions

BookIT’s smart solutions and services provide leading tools to increase ones business profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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In Finland, tens of million mobile events such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, service time confirmations, mobile ticket deliveries, mobile payments, top-up and subscriptions will be produced using BookIT's iSMS® service in every year. Approximately 3.7 million Finnish consumers have already used these services and the number is growing bigger each minute. 

The fast growth of interactive dialogues between businesses and consumers is the result of well-executed integration between business processes and BookIT’s unique messaging platform. Proper design and implementation of this highly effective messaging system requires not only precise timing, but also to make sure each received response and enquiry triggers immediate and appropriate follow-up actions.

BookIT iSMS® platform is integrated into many commonly used commercial systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook, SalesForce and Oracle, Cibel etc. Once targeted functionalities, benefits and further requirements have been firmly established, the next steps focus on deeper integration between BookIT iSMS® platform and the relevant client-end systems.

Most of all, BookIT is a highly reliable market leader with exceptional track record in delivering continues success stories for its clients – would you like to be the next one?

General Solutions

Bookit has made a number of different services and business concepts to improve our customers conversion or profit from their current on-line services.

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Bookit has made a number of different services and business concepts to improve our customers conversion or profit from their current on-line services, for example:

  • Develop information security of payment services (Nets Fraud service)

  • Identifying and authenticating consumers in mobile services

  • Dynamic logistic or recommendation engine -services for merchants, on-line retailers or service providers (for example service for Itella Parcel Delivery).

BookIT Mobile Marketing services are also supported by a number of our customers profitable marketing campaigs or loyalty programs.

BookIT has some innovative business consepts with industry leading response rates - for media companies, operators and other corporates. Consumers can accept and pay for offers less than 10 seconds. Examples of some main consepts are Click&Try&Buy (for media companies), Prepaid Topup (for operators) and mINVOICING (for corporates).