Right offer at the right time

Complete suite of mCommerce marketing and payment services and solutions to increase sales, cut costs, create positive experience and build loyalty.

BookIT Mediator’s Enterprise Mobile Services from the Cloud. Our solutions help you deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and transact with customers over any mobile device, any network, anywhere.

About US

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Mobile Marketing

Our unique mobile marketing services enable highly contextual, personalized, and interactive 2-way dialogues with all your customers regardless of which mobile operator or mobile device they are using.

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Highly contextual mobile offers get results!

Bookit's mobile marketing solutions help you target 'the right offer to the right customer at the right time' through carefully planned customer interactions.  Customers can accept offers and authorize payment in a single step in just seconds.

Our solutions fall into three broad categories:

1) Full-Service Campaigns - This option is the fastest way to get started and start seeing results.  Bookit's experienced campaign staff works with your marketing team from planning through execution and analysis.  With each campaign we further refine a campaign strategy that will target the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

2) Self-Service Marketing Tools - After several successful mobile marketing campaigns, many enterprise customers choose to transition to a self-service marketing automation tool to create, send, and analyze campaign results.  We have many off-the-shelf solutions available, including add-ons for Salesforce and Dynamics CRM.  

3) Fully-Automated, Trigger-Based Marketing -  Many of Bookit's enterprise customers eventually look to fully-integrate solutions to existing enterprise applications and back-end systems so that highly targeted and personalized offers can be made in real-time whenever a certain event or set of pre-set conditions occur.  Bookit has a wide variety of API's to facilitate integration with existing platoforms and works closely with your marketing, loyalty, and IT teams to build a rules-engine that will precisely trigger the right offer to the right customer at the right time.


Payment Solutions

BookIT has several mobile payment solutions provided through BookIT’s Payment Cloud:
eMobile (iSMS®)
BookIT Wallet (APE Wallet)

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Works seamlessly on any mobile phone or network, enabling merchants to reach customers with highly personalized offers.  Customers can pay instantly from any payment card or from BookIT wallet.

eMobile (iSMS®)

Bookit's eMobile service is delivered in partnership with Nets.  The eMobile service offering for merchants and enterprise customers combines Bookit's unique system for reliable bidirectional messaging, remote authorization, and two-factor authentication with Net's payment processing and information security infrastructure. eMobile allows customer's to pay for services with a single-letter reply to any text message.  An offer or request for payment is presented by the merchant through Bookit's iSMS system, and if the customer accepts the offer, the payment card is charged using Nets existing infrastructure. The system is easy and secure.  No payment card details or other sensitive details are transmitted or stored.  The customer's account data never leaves the secure environment of Nets.  eMobile may be used to recharge credit on pre-paid accounts, to present and accept payment for invoices, for special offers, and many other use cases where remote authorization of payment is required.


  • Generate larger revenue and profits through incremental sales
  • Engage customers with renewals, upgrades, and highly targeted offers
  • Pre-empt competition
  • Proven to generate higher response rates than any other channel
  • Natural extension of e-Commerce
  • Instantly deployable with reach to any customer using a mobile phone
  • Low transaction costs


  • RELEVANT: The customer receives the right offer at the right time
  • EASY: The customer can accept an offer and charge to their credit card by replying with a single letter
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: No need to transmit sensitive account data. Payment processed by trusted party.
  • CONVENIENT: Billing goes directly through the credit card, not through the mobile carrier
  • NO EXTRA COST: cost of a standard text message


  • Integrated two-factor authentication
  • Unique Digital fingerprint safeguards against fraud, No PIN required
  • Offer valid only to intended recipient



Integrated Solutions

3.7 million Finnish consumers have used Bookit's integrated mobile solutions for services such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, scheduling, mobile payments, top-ups & subscription renewals.

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In Finland, tens of million mobile events such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, service time confirmations, mobile ticket deliveries, mobile payments, top-up and subscriptions will be produced using BookIT's iSMS® service in every year. Approximately 3.7 million Finnish consumers have already used these services. 

BookIT's iSMS® platform is integrated into many commonly used commercial systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook, SalesForce and Oracle, Cibel, etc. Through automation of intelligent communications, Bookit's enterprise customers have consistently achieved improved profitability, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Other Solutions

Bookit has implemented a wide variety of custom solutions for mobile communications and mobile transactions which drive profitability and/or cost savings for our enterprise customers.

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Whether we are delivering a message on behalf of Net's alerting users to a potentially fraudulent transaction, or coordinating a better home deliver time for Itella Parcel Delivery, or alerting DNA users that pre-paid talk time is running low, Bookit's service delivers the right offer to the right customers at the right time.