Millions of Mobile Moments – Each an Opportunity Lost or Gained

One question, one search, one click - multiplied tens of millions of times every day. Mobile marketing says “’react.”  Mobile engagement means “understand, predict, engage -- and own” your customer.

The Bookit Mobile Engagement Platform reaches your global customers on any mobile device, on any network, anywhere.  Our patented technologies deliver the “right message to the right person at the right time” to millions of consumers – creating customer value, loyalty and enhanced revenue, while cutting marketing costs and enhancing a dialog, and relationship, with your customers.

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Mobile Engagement

Bookit's mobile engagement platform lets companies connect to customers with “the right offer at the right time.” Customers receive customized, relevant messages, value-added offers, and can authorize payment in less than ten seconds.

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Interactive mobile engagement result in industry leading response rates


Bookit’s mobile engagement solutions, which creates a relevant consumer “dialog” and higher response rates, provides three key applications and tools:

1) Full-Service Marketing Campaigns - Bookit's experienced campaign team works with companies’ marketing and IT staff from planning through execution and analysis.  At every phase of the campaign Bookit tunes and refines a marketing strategy to target “the right offers to the right customers at the right time.”

2) Self-Service Marketing Tools - Bookit makes its full suite of self-service marketing automation tools available to enterprises to create, send, analyze, and refine campaigns.  Plug-ins are available for popular CRM systems including Salesforce and Dynamics.

3) Fully-Automated, Event Driven Marketing Processes Powered by Predictive Indicators -  Bookit's MEP allows enterprise customers to fully integrate solutions with their existing enterprise applications and back-end systems.  This allows companies to highly target and personalized their mobile engagement strategies in near-real-time to respond to pre-established customer triggers that help predict future customer needs or behaviors.  Bookit has a wide variety of API's to facilitate integration with existing back-end systems and applications and works closely with marketing and IT teams to build the rules-engine to precisely trigger “the right offer to the right customer at the right time.”



Mobile Payment

Bookit was one of the early leaders in mobile payment, providing secure commerce solutions through the combination of Bookit’s Payment Cloud, eMobile (iSMS®) platform, the Bookit Wallet (APE Wallet) application and advanced mINVOICE solution.

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Mobile Payment from any mobile phone

The Bookit mobile solution lets merchants engage customers with renewals, upgrades, and highly targeted offers, generating increases sales and revenues. The system creates higher response rates than any other channel, and can be quickly deployed to reach customers by any mobile phone, OS or network.

Consumers “receives the right offer at the right time,” and can easily accept an offer and pay with their credit card with a simple, one-touch response.  Consumer data is safe and secure because account information is not transmitted and payments are processed by trusted party.  No sensitive payment or account data is ever transmitted or stored. 



Integrated Solutions

Millions of connected consumers use Bookit's mobile engagement solutions to manage their 'mobile moments' for ticket purchases, travel and event check-in, delivery scheduling, mobile payments, and one-touch upgraded services.

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Tens of million mobile transaction events such as flight check-ins, ticket purchases, parcel delivery confirmations, service time confirmations, mobile ticket deliveries, and mobile are managed handled regularly using Bookit's mobile engagement platform.

Bookit’s mobile engagement platform seamlessly integrates into many commonly used commercial systems software platforms including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook, SalesForce and Oracle, Cibel, and others.  Through automation of intelligent communications, Bookit's enterprise customers consistently achieve improved customer retention, satisfaction, loyalty – and profitability


Service, Solution
Interactive Alerts

Bookit implements a wide variety of custom mobile messaging and transactions solutions to drive profitability and cost savings for our enterprise customers.

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The Bookit Mobile Engagement Platform orchestrates highly contextual and relevant “dialogues” between and organization and their customers.  This platform is used by a diverse range of enterprises across the globe to enhance customer interactions from e-marketing through online and in-store sales, service delivery, and customer service  and support.

Our customer engagement focus proactively delivers push messages that offer customers valuable and actionable response options.  A few examples include:

  • Interactive alerts delivered on behalf of Nets (a European payment processor) to alert  customers about  potentially fraudulent transactions;
  • Parcel delivery scheduling messaging for Itella (parcel delivery service) to eliminate missed deliveries;
  • Low-balance alerts for pre-paid subscribers of mobile operator, DNA, with options to increase  account balances in real-time.