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By Mikko Hautamäki



A critical challenge in tourism industry: How to reach a traveler in a disaster zone?

By Mari Rinne

In the tourism industry, a disaster is the toughest test for the customer experience. How to reach potentially affected customers? Not one, or some, but all.


Online food business needs automatically optimized delivery

By Peter Klenberg

If you ask a representative of a delivery company to organize a delivery on a 30-minute timeframe you usually receive the following arguments:

  • Delivery will become less efficient and more costly
  • Contacting customers is difficult and very expensive
  • The delivery route plan doesn’t necessarily occur as scheduled

Don't overlook the SMS in conversational commerce

By Jukka Lehvilä


SMS messaging, or texting, is still king. Loved by millions, the original easy-to-use mobile message technology was extremely succesful before the proliferation of messaging apps today. But SMS never really went away – it has actually recently seen a tremendous increase in its use globally.


What we talk about when we talk about mobile payments

By Mikko Hautamäki


Looking back a few years, the breakthrough of mobile payments has been surprisingly fast. As recently as 2014, only 22% of US mobile phone owners had made a mobile payment. In 2017, this figure is estimated to be more than 70 per cent and growing fast.


Last mile logistics

By Bookit

Delivery logistics are undergoing dramatic change. Technological development has created huge new opportunities – drones, automation, chatbots, mobile ecommerce etc. – but logistics operators still go on with the same old logic leaving consumers frustrated. These days it is common for 20 to 30 per cent of deliveries to fail on the first try, creating a time-consuming loop of rescheduling.

Watch video to check out how this problem could be solved: