BookIT and Itella have deepened their cooperation by introducing a new service for managing parcel delivery

Bookit and Itella produce an extra service to enhance the parcel deliveries.

The new Itella Flex service is powered by BookIT iSMS, and allows recipients to agree to a time and location for parcel delivery.

According to Jari Paasikivi, the system in place prior to the Itella Flex service required personnel to call the client between 9.00 and 13.00 to agree to a delivery time. But this model had the problem that many of the clients were not able to answer the call because of working hours or for other reasons, whereby the delivery to the end destination would be delayed. Also, some customers would not answer any call from an unrecognized phone number, and so Itella would be required to rely on paper request forms .

Mr Paasikivi says that the BookIT iSMS Click&Easy service has resulted in much quicker response from the parcel recipient to schedule a delivery time and the service runs much more smoothly. Feedback from customers and production have been only positive and so Itella has take the service into permanent use and expanded it to include all Finnish logistic terminals.

The service is based on the inventor Jukka Salonen’s iSMS technology. iSMS works on all mobile phones and all operators, all SIM cards, and in all countries. Salonen’s innovation makes sure that all delivery messages of packages always to to the right address. The recipient of the package

does not require anything other than that he knows how to reply to a text message and is never required to memorize any keywords or passwords.

“We are very pleased to deepen our cooperation with Itella around the scheduling of new service delivery times” says BookIT Finland Oy’s CEO Jouko Järvinen. “Finnish mobile services are now in growing demand right now due to BookIT’s easy and secure flight check-in services, ticket purchases, mobile payments, and other mobile transaction services. iSMS has received dozens of international patents, which is especially important right now, when the present international demand has exceeded all expectations.”

For more information, contact:

Jari Paasikivi, Itella Parcel Services, Business Development, jari.paasikivi @

Jouko Järvinen, BookIT Finland Oy CEO, tel 040 7353 763, jouko.jarvinen @

Jukka Salonen, President BookIT Ltd, tel (09) 4289 1098, jukka.salonen @

Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014